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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Texas Tip Tuesday: key resources

The single most valuable resource for Texas history is at your fingertips, er, mouse click.  The Handbook of Texas Online is online (hence the name).  It is no longer a bajillion volume set that is ready for updates as soon as it hits your library.  Assuming your library even carried it. It is hosted/produced/published by … Continue reading »

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Going Pro: Transitional Genealogists Forum

As I mentioned in My Development Plan, I am working towards offering professional genealogy services as my second (aka, a “chosen” career as opposed to the morphing of skills and experience that has placed me in a position I never would have imagined).  A wealth of knowledge and experience is represented in the RootsWeb maillist “Transitional Genealogists Forum.”  The … Continue reading »

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Follow Friday: Adventures in Genealogy Education

Since I’m kicking off this blog with information about my continuing education, I think it’s only proper that I share with you a blog I follow that is all about education.  The Adventures in Genealogy Education blog is hosted by Angela McGhie, the generous coordinator for the ProGen Study Groups and more.  She cover everything, including the … Continue reading »

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My Development Plan

I have been researching, half heartedly, whole heartedly, according to best practices, and not for about 30 years (more on that later – I’ll tell you what kicked it off).  I’ve decided I would like to do this for others as a second career.  So in an effort to develop my skills, I have created … Continue reading »

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Scanning all these pictures of my grandmother’s has started a whole new version of dating.  Photo dating. There’s tons of information out there about the history of photos and how to determine an approximate date (clothing, etc.).  Photos, the endless scanning, the storage requirements, the dating, the multitude of unidentified is a little overwhelming to … Continue reading »

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Friends or family?

I’ve been scanning a whole slew of photos that I borrowed from my grandmother.  I’ve been adding in the Properties – Comments what was written on the back and using the names (if noted) to name the photo file.  But I have so many unidentified I don’t even know where to start.  Once I get … Continue reading »

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Hello fellow genealogists and Texans!

Why am I here?  Because I just want to be out here, get experience in blogging, and to share my love of genealogy, history, and Texas.  I don’t know if anyone will follow me but my family will follow me because they love me.  And if they are the only ones who follow me, that … Continue reading »

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