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Hello fellow genealogists and Texans!

Posted by on May 21, 2011

Why am I here?  Because I just want to be out here, get experience in blogging, and to share my love of genealogy, history, and Texas.  I don’t know if anyone will follow me but my family will follow me because they love me.  And if they are the only ones who follow me, that will be okay (and I love them too).

But the real question  is “how am I here?”  I love researching my family.  It’s one big, awesome puzzle.  Maybe I can share some things I learn the way.   Maybe I’ll share my analysis and research by writing about it (instead of just muttering at the computer screen).  Therapists across the generations (no, I haven’t found one in my family yet) have always known that it helps to talk about it.  So let’s just talk….

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