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Friends or family?

Posted by on May 22, 2011

I’ve been scanning a whole slew of photos that I borrowed from my grandmother.  I’ve been adding in the Properties – Comments what was written on the back and using the names (if noted) to name the photo file.  But I have so many unidentified I don’t even know where to start.  Once I get them all scanned, I’ll ask my grandmother to help with some of the identification.

To a certain extent, there are a few small “batches” that seemed to be taken all on one day.  I wanted to share one of those batches.  My great-grandfather was Delbert Burnett WEST (1891-1962) and there are a collection of pictures unmarked or simply identified as “Delbert and friends.”

Here’s the whole group of them (nothing on the back of this one).  The third person from the left is Delbert.

And then here’s what may be a posed shot?  “Everyone look out over the water while I take the picture!”  But who is the gal looking over her shoulder at the photographer?  I’m not certain the photographer is Delbert since I can’t identify the fellow on the end.

But then she shows up again with just Delbert.  But the only thing written on the back is “Delbert.”

And, finally, there’s just a picture of her.  This photo says “Wise” on the back.  I really like her smile – it looks like the photographer got her mid-laugh.

I’m not seeing any possible identity when I look at the Delbert Burnett WEST family.  Maybe my grandmother can help.  I also need to know where that bridge is.  It shows up in later posed shots of Delbert and his siblings.  Back to scanning…


One Response to Friends or family?

  1. Patricia

    I like the family photos – post more! The Sugar Creek Gang post was also good.