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Posted by on May 23, 2011

Scanning all these pictures of my grandmother’s has started a whole new version of dating.  Photo dating.

There’s tons of information out there about the history of photos and how to determine an approximate date (clothing, etc.).  Photos, the endless scanning, the storage requirements, the dating, the multitude of unidentified is a little overwhelming to me.  (And we’ll talk in later posts about other overwhelming things.  I don’t think it’s an actual psychotic issue but just contrary to my control freak nature.)

One way to date the “post card” photos appears to be through key elements on the post card back.  Using a nifty website How to Identify and Date Real Photo Vintage Postcards you can identify the time period based upon the manufacturer indicated around the “place stamp here” box.  I see “AZO” so that leads me to several choices and time periods: 1926-1940s, 1904-1918, 1918-1930, 1907-1909, or 1922-1926.  Because there are two triangles pointing upwards and two pointing downward, my photo is in the 1918 to 1930 range.

Next, looking it up on the A-B page, I see graphics that I can match to my post card.  Mine matches the 1910-1930 date range.  I’m confused as to why the date differences (1918-1930 vs. 1910-1930) but I’ll dig into that another day.  I’m just thrilled I made it this far!  Oh, and the picture on the front?  This unidentified lady:



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