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What I learned Wednesday: NGS-HSC Lesson 2

Posted by on June 29, 2011

Lesson 2 in the NGS HSC was “Family Traditions and Family Records.”

As usual, there was something I got hung up on: the definition of “tradition.”  Although they told me at the very beginning of the lesson that traditions are customs or beliefs but that customs were not a part of this lesson and they told me that again on the assignment page, I failed to listen.  So I had this whole thing written about a traditional custom or custom that was a tradition or whatever it was about having tamales on Christmas Eve. including the history of tamales.  As I looked at the assignment instructions prior to submission, I realized what I had done.  Doh.  So I changed from talking about yummy tamales and instead told the story about a son of Spiritualist parents who had to sneak away to help build a church.  But I got to include a little graphic about how this person fit into my family.  What was especially helpful in this lesson, besides learning to pay better attention, was the research plan I had to develop to prove/disprove the story.

The next half of the assignment was to document the family papers in my possession and indicate where I got them and what genealogical information they contained.  I went one step farther and also indicated the next steps for each of these items, such as to find the original, transcribe, check the sources cited.  I’m glad we’re talking about this because I had forgotten to move those “next steps” to my research log.  Let me do that right now.

Ok, I added to my Toodledo list.

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