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Happy New Year!

Posted by on August 1, 2011


It’s the start of the new genealogical fiscal year….actually genealogical biennium.  During the strategic planning phase for this biennium (that starts August 1), the planning committee (me and the four fuzzy kiddoes) have scheduled 25  families for in-depth analysis.  It is time, now that I’ve recently gotten organized, to DO THINGS RIGHT.  So each month, as laid out in the most precious looking Gantt chart you’ve ever seen…

…I have scheduled a Family Group Sheet activity for the month (sometimes I’ve combined a couple of generations into a three month period) so I can make sure everything is scanned, documented, transcribed, filed, and otherwise properly revered.

I mentioned getting organized.  Did that make your ears twist like a cat’s?

Yes, you heard me correctly.  I have a system.  That gives me great satisfaction.  I have stopped trolling the waters of the Internet for better ideas.  I am content.

My system includes a Family Group Sheet / work of art, and a Research Log (that is still undergoing testing).  The filing component includes paper filing, both family files and topic files, and an electronic filing convention to cover topical research downloads, record and photo scans, transcriptions, abstracts, family groups, and localities.  What is still under development is the census system (I continually go back to certain Texas counties so I’m doing more record keeping than just for the families to whom I’m related) and the toolbox.

In the upcoming weeks, as I can fit it into the plan for this biennium of course, I’ll talk about my paper filing system, my electronic system, my research log, and my census system.  Since the toolbox solution is still up in the air, I’ll just drag you along on that thought process (don’t be scared).

2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Michael

    Hey, stop using two spaces after a period! You’re abusing the space on the internets!

    • GeekyTexan

      If there’s space for multiple Internet(s), there should be space for my double space after a sentence! You better be afraid to ask me to proofread anything for you at work now! But thank you for reading!!!!