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Preparation for IGHR

Posted by on August 7, 2011

I mentioned in passing that I attended this year’s Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR).  I think I promised more information about that but I am, and will continue to, conveniently forget that (for now).

But I happened to make a list recently about things you should if you want to go to IGHR.  If you check out the RootsWeb maillist “Transitional Genealogists Forum” there have been several discussions and lists of what to take.  It still left me some questions, relatively minor, that were answered when I got there.

It is recommended to take a fan.  I need to second this recommendation.  I took a small clip on fan (the room didn’t really have a good place to clip it but I moved one of the desk chairs next to the bed and propped it up there).   The AC was decent where I was at, but as a woman approaching a certain age, I’m finding I like it cooler at night than most.  And I’m used to at least a little air movement from a ceiling fan so this setup allowed me to almost replicate the home sleeping (except that I don’t have vinyl covered twin size mattresses at home).

Some of the older discussions talked about taking a shower curtain.  Those are now supplied.  As is a big plastic bag for trash (that you will need to take out your last morning there).  So those can be crossed off your list.

I wished I had taken a wide mouthed water bottle that I could fill as I left the cafeteria.  I purchased an insulated Samford Bulldog one in the bookstore but if I had only thought about it while packing….

The Ralph W. Beeson University Center was open while we there.  It was the hub of where we had classes (generally) and the library.  The University Center enters to the first floor on one side of the building and into the second floor on the other side.  Or maybe it’s first floor and basement?  I don’t know.  But on the lower level, you have the food court and the bookstore.  And a couple of pockets of comfy chairs.  The second floor has the cafeteria.  Not sure what the point of this is anymore.  Maybe it was the comfy chairs?

There are other summer camp-like functions going on.  For instance, a summer soccer camp.  The attendees (younguns) also used the cafeteria.  So, you may ask?  Well, if you think you are going to dip some of the self serve ice cream for yourself, know that you will be solicited for assistance by some/many/every single one of the younguns.

There is toilet tissue in the rooms (a roll on deck and one to spare).  I repeat, there is toilet tissue in the room.  One less thing to carry.

The library has some great Alabama resources.  I was totally unprepared to capitalize on this.  So don’t be like me.  Also, they opened databases to the attendees for that week.  I had decent university wifi (which I got set up for me on my netbook in the library when I checked in) and did some browsing there.  I was a little unprepared for that though I had my genealogy database loaded on my netbook.

Please, if you stop here and use any of the suggestions, please tell me.  Even if it’s just to say that you really believe that I’m the only one who worries about toilet tissue.



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