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More about the NGS-HSC

Posted by on August 9, 2011

The NGS HSC does somewhat build on each lesson but it is possible to do them out of order.  The syllabus for the NGS-HSC describes the lessons and corresponding assignments.  Be aware of the lessons that require scheduling of onsite visits or obtaining a record.

  • Lesson 4 requires a visit to a library
  • Lesson 6 requires obtaining a record (I did though an online request with Texas’ repository) and a repository visit for a marriage records survey
  • Lesson 7 requires a church and cemetery visit
  • Lesson 8 requires a repository visit (there is an alternate assignment if you can’t make a visit but what fun is that?)
  • Lesson 9 requires a FamilySearch Center records request, National Archives record request, or repository visit (it depend on if you’re doing the state land option or federal land option assignment)
  • Lesson 10 requires a FamilySearch Center records request or repository visit
  • Lesson 13 requires a repository visit or FamilySearch Center, historical society, or genealogy society records
  • Lesson 14 requires obtaining a military or pension record

So as I was finding time for my Lesson 4 library visit, I did Lesson 5.  I have portions of Lessons 6, 8, 9, 10, and 13 done but I need a repository visit.  While waiting for that next magical day off, I plan to work on Lesson 11 Migration and Lesson 12 Passenger Lists.  There’s wiggle room like this throughout until you finally culminate with Lesson 15, “Evidence Analysis and Kinship” and Lesson 16, “What’s Next?”.

Keep in mind that you’re getting feedback from excellent genealogists on your work every time your assignment is returned.  I had to carefully think through the best, at least as I know them today, family groups to use for this course, for my ProGen course, and eventually for my Certified GenealogistSM (CGSM) application so I wouldn’t use anything I couldn’t for the CGSM portfolio.

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