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Follow Friday: getting it together

Posted by on August 12, 2011

Two blogs I want to go ahead and mention are the Shy Genealogist and DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog. The years of agonizing over how I keep everything organized and keep myself at least somewhat sane actually came together for me with the help of these two ladies.

DearMYRTLE has monthly organization lists that will break down the tasks you need to do into manageable chunks. She addresses paper, digital files, backups, etc.  The Scrappy Genealogist gives you before and after pictures of her workspace that she did with the checklists. One of my key take-aways (and this is one of many) from Myrt’s advice is to consider keeping things in a way to make them share-able.  As in easy to copy, easy to pull out just what The Cousins want to look at.  So boo to the funky organization systems of keeping all record types together, numbering and needing some sort of database to figure out what is where.  OK, that’s a major driver. Now what?

Enter the ShyG.  She describes her Binder System and her Filing Cabinet which I loved. I’ll describe how I’ve implemented this system and take some pictures for you.  She uses pocket portfolios with prongs for each family.  They make plastic folders now (but where do you doodle during class?) so I got some plastic ones for my most active family groups.  Now that school supplies are on sale (wait, wait, come back for a minute! there’ll still be stuff left!) I’m stocking up on paper ones for the less active families….in four colors (to match my grandparents’ lines).

Blogs I added the week of August 5 – August 11

I added the FamilySearch Tech Tips to my Google Reader so I wouldn’t miss any good stuff.


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