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Proof is in the pudding, er, Cheetos

Posted by on September 24, 2011

I’m continuing my month of evidence (not that you could tell since it appears that I dropped off the face of this planet) and am still working through various readings (I think now I’m just checking for consistency and procrastinating on the actual ProGen assignment).  So, many hot chips with lime later (you know, CHEETOS® Crunchy FLAMIN’ HOT® Limon Cheese Flavored Snacks), here is what I’m currently reading.

James Tanner of Genealogy’s Star posted a whole series on evidence, proof, facts, information, data, etc. (other key words related to good genealogical practice….).  He’s an attorney but his blog posts are very readable (I work with too many lawyers to count and I don’t think I create have a 100 word sentence if I tried) and pertinent. Here’s what he’s been saying on this subject this summer:

What is evidence? What is proof?

What you really want to know about evidence

Digging into evidence

I Move Exhibit Three Into Evidence, Your Honor.

From Information to Data to Facts to Evidence to Proof

What Me Worry? Who needs evidence?

Information or data? Facts or evidence?

We must begin with doubt

When is there proof?

Prove it if you can

Fact? Evidence? or Proof?


But don’t stop there.  There’s much more good reading on his blog.  It seems slightly slow running in both Chrome and IE (at least as far as I’ve experienced), but it is worth it.  So grab some cheetos and settle in for some good reading!

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