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Amanuensis Monday: Our First Meeting

Posted by on November 14, 2011

John Newmark of the Transylvanian Dutch blog started a genealogy meme of Amanuensis Monday in February 2009. He defines amanuensis as a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. Here is my first contribution.

My maternal grandmother, Ruby REINHARDT, who married Rueben HENNEKE, kept a bride book.

The first entry for you is “Our First Meeting.”  In addition to what she wrote, she pasted a picture of herself and PaPa at the top of page.

We met at Geo. Gohmert’s (where Rueben was staying) on Sunday morning April 19, 1940. I went there to see Uncle George, but no one was at home, so I talked to Rueben a few minutes. On the night of Sept. 13th, we met again at a dance in Lindenau. There we became better acquainted and were together quite a bit during the evening. On Oct. 5, Idell had a date with Wilbert and I was to double date with them. After trying to get two others, we decided to ask Rueben to go. He said he would. We went to Yorktown, Weser, and then back to Cuero. The next nite, Oct. 6, we went to Lindenau and from the 20th of October until we were married we were together every Sunday night.

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