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Monthly Archives: January 2012

use your eyeballs

I know this. But yet at work I made an error this last week because I didn’t ask to review something for myself so I could positively, irrefutably confirm. So, don’t be like GeekyTexan – know this AND do this. Two recent examples. While working on Lesson 12 for NGS-HSC on passenger records, I had … Continue reading »

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Amanuensis Monday: Memorable Events

John Newmark of the Transylvanian Dutch blog started a genealogy meme of Amanuensis Monday in February 2009. He defines amanuensis as a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. My maternal grandmother, Ruby REINHARDT, who married Rueben HENNEKE, kept a bride book. I’ve previously posted what she wrote about “Our … Continue reading »

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Murder Suspect’s DNA Linked To Mayflower Kin

Check out this Boston News Story from WCVB Boston: “… A DNA profile from the suspect was recently sent to a California outfit that specializes in forensic genealogy — and the analysis shows that he is distantly related to three passengers who arrived in what is now Plymouth, Mass., on the Mayflower in 1620….” I … Continue reading »

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Surname Saturday – hangin’ ‘em all out

Whew, that was quite a holiday break I took!  You would think I went to some crazy, out of the way place in Wyoming, bought 14 books about genealogy/historical methods/editing, drank barium for a CT scan that was remarkably good, gave up carbs, crashed and burned because of lack of carbs, and cleaned my house from top … Continue reading »

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