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Amanuensis Monday: Memorable Events, more events

Posted by on February 27, 2012

John Newmark of the Transylvanian Dutch blog started a genealogy meme of Amanuensis Monday in February 2009. He defines amanuensis as a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

I’ve been looking at my maternal grandmother’s Bride’s Book.  I’ve talked about my grandparents’ first meeting and their engagement previously.  I’ve also transcribed the list of dates on the first page entitled “Memorable Events.” The facing page contains a variety of newspaper clippings.

“Herman Hahn Weds Miss Idell Mueller” is the first article. Ms. Mueller was my grandmother’s BFF at the time. “Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Henneke [PaPa and Grandma of GeekyTexan] of this city [Cuero] acted as witnesses” for the marriage ceremony “surprising their many friends of this and surrounding cities” (note that the surprise was about the rites, not the witnesses).  “Mrs. Henneke [aka, Grandma] wore a light maize wool suit with brown accessories.”

The next article doesn’t have a headline but it references the guests “visiting at the Alfred Henneke (GeekyTexan’s great-grandfather) home Sunday, honoring Miss Lorene Henneke and Garland Schultz as confirments were…Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Henneke of Cuero.” Unfortunately, no mention of what people were wearing.  Surnames mentioned include: Diebel, Schultz, Henneke, Mauer, Haun, Hartman, Sager, Keseling, and Thieme.

The next piece almost seems like a caption to a photo. I would love to see the photo!

Rueben Henneke sewing a fine seam on several sacks down at McLarty’s which were damaged in transit.

The last article is a lengthy one for “Miss Benitha Henneke Becomes Bride of John L. Baron.” Although this was the marriage of PaPa’s sister, I didn’t see mention of Mr. and Mrs. Rueben in the article. It does mention that the:

“bride’s gown was a beautiful creation of white net with a basque of Chantilly lace fashioned along the fitted princess mode with a heartshaoed decolletage, edged with lace applique, and long sleeves, ending in points over her hands.”

And yes, GeekyTexan had to look up “basque.”  According to it is a “close-fitting bodice, sometimes having an extension that covers the hips.”  The coverage continues on the next column:

I don’t know what newspaper these came from – one was probably The Cuero Record which has been in existence since 1894 (and annual renewals still occur only by snail mail although I think they allow for credit card information on the form).  All this talk of weddins and getting hitched! You would think Mr. and Mrs. Rueben would be getting married by now! But next week, we have to discuss the shower!

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