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Whirlwind Claire started us off on Day 2….

Posted by on August 12, 2012

Tuesday, July 24 at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIPitt)

I still had this one queued up from my week in Pittsrburgh so here goes: Day 2 of GRIPitt. We had two lectures by Claire Bettag, CG.  She was the mentor of ProGen 11 and is undoubtedly the Best. Mentor. Ever. Ever. She spoke about archival research and, as usual, her experience with the National Archives is dazzling. She also did a lecture on Government Documents and assigned our first homework.

Having the pleasure of having lunch with Dr. Jones, he asked about my perception of last night’s homework (= straightforward and hugely beneficial to work through Claire’s problems). He prepared me for it being harder homework tonight. But what makes tonight better, is that he assured me tomorrow’s night would be even harder.  (Yippee?)

Rick Sayre spoke about “Military and Pension Records Strategies: Analysis, Interpretation, and Correlation.” Talking to a classmate afterward, my feeling of being overwhelmed and confused wasn’t a component of the lecture but merely me being clueless. I have some work to do with military records in order to do what is available justice. Maybe I’ll just take the Military course next year.

As mentioned, the homework contained three problems requiring use of the Serial Set and the Statutes at Large. I did one, reserved one for later (that post-institute period where you’re trying to remember what you learned and how to do it), and one, you guessed it, I just didn’t do. And that adds to three. I would hyperlink you to a previous post about my abysmal math skills but let’s not.

And a picture of the campus across from our dorm:


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