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Amanuensis Monday: Our Honeymoon

Posted by on September 24, 2012

John Newmark of the Transylvanian Dutch blog started a genealogy meme of Amanuensis Monday in February 2009. He defines amanuensis as a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

I’ve been looking at my maternal grandmother’s (Ruby REINHARDT) Bride’s Book.  I’ve talked about my grandparents’ first meeting, their engagement, memorable events here and here, the shower, the Hope Chest and Trousseau, the Wedding (including bridesmaids & guests), some photos and things saved by Grandma and the Wedding Trip previously.

WARNING: “parking” content. Turns out, my grandparents had a thing for parking under bridges. People should do more of that.

Because we got married in the early spring, we did not take a long wedding trip. Our honeymoon lasted only from Saturday night until Monday morning. We did not mind because just being together and having each other was enough.

On June 18th to June 27th, Rueben got his vacation, so we called it our honeymoon. We left here (Cuero) Sunday (8th) at 8 o’clock. Aunt Lena and Lorene went with us, but we had our fun together. We ate dinner at the park in San Antonio and got to Comfort about 3:30 or later that afternoon. Ben [HENNEKE] was not at home when we got there, so Rueben and I went down to the river to get him. That night, we went to see Benitha & Johnny [BARON], but they weren’t at home, so we started looking for them. Rueben and I were alone, so we gave the others the “run

around” and rode around. We finally decided to go under the big bridge and park awhile. We got home around 10 that night. Monday morning we slipped off to Kerrville. Tuesday afternoon we went to Fredericksburg and Wednesday we spent the day below the bridge at Comfort. Thursday morning we went out to my folks [Henry C. and Helen RABKE REINHARDT] and stayed until Saturday afternoon. Idell and Herman [HAHN] went to Turner Hall and Yoakum with us. Sunday we spent the day at home.

(From the night we took our vows, unto this day (July 14), I have felt as if our life together had been one long honeymoon. I see no reason why the rest of our life together can’t seem the same and be even sweeter and happier than the beginning.

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