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Amanuensis Monday: Our First At-Home

Posted by on October 1, 2012

John Newmark of the Transylvanian Dutch blog started a genealogy meme of Amanuensis Monday in February 2009. He defines amanuensis as a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

I’ve been looking at my maternal grandmother’s (Ruby REINHARDT) Bride’s Book.  I’ve talked about my grandparents’ first meeting, their engagement, memorable events here and here, the shower, the Hope Chest and Trousseau, the Wedding (including bridesmaids & guests), some photos and things saved by Grandma, the Wedding Trip, and the Honeymoon (which consisted of parking under bridges) previously.

This week we take a look-see at my grandparents’ first “at-homes.”  Do whut?, you may say.  I dunno, I may say.  Just follow along and let’s see….

Easter Sunday, April 13, 1941

Moved from Steel [Stell?] apt. to Brightwell apt. in the morning.  Idell and Herman [HAHN] helped us and stayed for dinner.  [I know we’ve discussed all the lunch/dinner/supper conventions so let’s not go there again. This seems to violate the definitions however. But we’re talking about rebels who go parking under bridges ifyaknowwhatImean so we’ll let them define it however they like.] In the afternoon, we all went to church [again, what kind of clock are we on? Church in the afternoon and dinner at noon??] out at Rabke [where they were married] and then ate supper at mother and dad [sic; Helen RABKE and Henry C. REINHARDT]. Later came home and Idell and Herman came by. They stayed until later, when they went out to Linderman and we went to bed.

Monday, April 21, 1941

San Jacinto Day and it is raining. Everyone seems to be at home or out of town [versus in town but not at home, I assume, sorry, Grandma, for being a smart mouth]. We slept late this morning and this p.m. we went out to the airport and drove around awhile. Then we went to Muellers and took supper with them. Came home about 8:15 and are ready for bed. [You’d think I’d insert a comment at the way the previous entry and this one ended but I just can’t bear to.]

Sunday, April 27, 1941

Rueben couldn’t work yesterday (Sat.) so this is our second day together. It has been raining since Friday nite. Idell and Herman came by on their way to and from Westhoff. R. and I both have a cold so we’ll retire early tonite. Wrote letters this p.m.

Sunday, May 18, 1941

We slept until about 7:45, when Rueben got up and went to town to get a paper. When he came back we stayed on the bed and read until about 9:30. Mother and dad came by on their way to Wagners. After dinner we slept awhile and then got dressed to ride around. Dady Henneke [ALfred HENNEKE] and the children came by, so we took them along. That nite we got Aunt Frieda and Lena [HENNEKE] and went to Yorktown for a joy ride.

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