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Amanuensis Monday: The Marriage Certificate

Posted by on June 10, 2013

John Newmark of the Transylvanian Dutch blog started a genealogy meme of Amanuensis Monday in February 2009. He defines amanuensis as a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

I’ve been looking at my maternal grandmother’s (Ruby REINHARDT) Bride’s Book.  I’ve talked about my grandparents’ first meeting, their engagement, memorable events here and here, the shower, the Hope Chest and Trousseau, the Wedding (including bridesmaids & guests – check out all those names), some photos and things saved by Grandma, the Wedding Trip, and the Honeymoon (which included scandalously parking under bridges) and their First At-Home (G-rated) previously. Its been awhile, but there’s still a few things left to see.

I should have posted this one earlier so you would know everything was all legit (you know, newspapers aren’t all that reliable). Here’s the marriage certificate that was completed within the Bride’s Book. Does this ever happen nowadays?

In the back of the book is a list of “Dates in Our Life.” I redacted some of the information since some of my uncles and my mother are still alive. I love Grandma’s handwriting (I found a whole pack of letters from her recently).

On the inside of the back cover, someone taped a picture of PaPa and Grandma with Bob, their first born.  Also taped to the back is a card from PaPa. At some point, he got an old typewriter and would type all his cards (so we could read them). This card was to my grandmother, his “very sweet wondreful [sic] wife and sweetheart” from “your lover Rueben always will be.”

Now that is a Bride’s Book.


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