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About This Blog

I love genealogy, history, and Texas and want to share that with the world even if it makes it all too obvious what a geek I am.   I love my family – even the ones I haven’t met!  Research is just one big, awesome puzzle (but there’s no answer key to cheat with!).  Maybe I can share some things I learn the way.  Maybe I’ll share my analysis and research by writing about it (instead of just muttering at the computer screen). Maybe I’ll share some things about Texas that will be helpful to you.

It all boils down the the fact that it helps to talk about it (and there’s alot of people who make a very fine living just listening to people talk).  So I’m just gonna talk….

You call also Contact Me, see my Disclosures, or look at my brag wall.

And most importantly, let’s find out if we’re cousins.  Don’t worry, the geekiness isn’t contagious (though it is a tad hereditary – ask my sister-in-law).  Check out the surname page before you leave this place!


Christy aka GeekyTexan