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misc. stuff

Texas Tuesday: Central Texas genealogical events for June

June 8th Austin Genealogical Society is hosting a bus trip to Clayton Library in Houston. June 9th the Austin Genealogy SIG will meet from 1 – 3:30 p.m. at  the Old Quarry Branch Library in Austin for a “Scanning Workshop” presented by John Marostica and Trisha Thompson June 21st the Wiliamson County Genealogical Society will hold its monthly meeting at the … Continue reading »

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Happy belated blogiversary to me

I’ve been so derelict in my blogger duties that it figures I would totally miss the First blogiversary of GeekyTexan on May 21.  So happy, belated, lonely, pathetic blogiversary to me. Photo from Open Clipart Library (OCAL) GeekyTexan is back on track with a new post tomorrow.  Stay tuned for your local weather and traffic.

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Murder Suspect’s DNA Linked To Mayflower Kin

Check out this Boston News Story from WCVB Boston: “… A DNA profile from the suspect was recently sent to a California outfit that specializes in forensic genealogy — and the analysis shows that he is distantly related to three passengers who arrived in what is now Plymouth, Mass., on the Mayflower in 1620….” I … Continue reading »

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Nature or Nurture?

What’s genetic?  What’s learned?  All genealogists, hobbyist or professional, will start to see trends in family….appearance, personality, behavior, etc.  Just as you are stuck with your genetic makeup, I would say there are some behaviors and traits that are almost as unchangeable.  Ask any therapist.  They make good money off of these ingrained behaviors. discusses this is … Continue reading »

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Alaska Mafia

I’m a planner, obviously not a very good executor.  I try to get ahead of blog entries so there’s always new fodder for my phantom fans to poke fun at but I just can’t seem to.  So as I prepared for going to Alaska to see Russia…oh wait, that’s another blog…I just let the blog … Continue reading »

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