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This includes documentally-connected families and all of my current theoretically-connected families.  Before you think I have awesome information on, say, my family connections in Germany, think again.  Overseas research is like vacuuming.  I have enough awesome American ancestors that I can stay pleasantly busy with just those while avoiding household chores.

Arnecke TX, Germany
Brandes TX, Germany
Briggs NC; TN
Burnett TX; KY?
Bush AL; OK
Carter TX; AL; VA; NC; TN
Cox NC, TN, NJ
Dale VA; England
Davis TX: Gonzales county; TN
Fishbach VA; Germany
Fitzhugh VA
Forester TX: Gonzales and DeWitt counties; TN; VA
Frances TX; AL
Gohlke TX
Gooch NC; MS
Greenhill VA
Hager VA; Germany
Hall TX: Gonzales county
Henneke TX, Germany
Hudson TX: Gonzales county; NC
Hudson MS; AL
Ivey TX: Guadalupe county; MS; NC
Jeffers TX, SC
Johns VA
Lee TX; LA; AL; Ireland
Leigh TX: Wilson, DeWitt, Gonzales counties; MS; VA; AL
Linderman TX
McLeod TX; AL
Rabke TX
Rector TX; AL; TN; Germany
Reinhardt TX, Germany
Rowland VA
Sager TX, Germany
Scrivner TX; TN; NC
Shinault TX: Gonzales county; TN; VA
Shultz TX
Simmons TX
Thieme TX, Germany
Thornton VA; England
Webb TX: Guadalupe, Refugio, Gonzales counties
West TX: Gonzales county

One Response to Surnames

  1. Yvonne Quevedo

    Hi Christy! Great job in finding information on your family so congratulations! I’m using this email to ask about one of your postings, it has info on your PaPa and his time with the 547th AAA AW BN Mobile Unit. My dad, 91 years strong, was assigned to that unit. You quoted from Mr. Oakes’ book.Pop remembers Stg. Oakes. Do you have a copy? How did you get a copy? I’d love to get a copy for Pop, Margarito Z. Quevedo. His heart is starting to falter so I’m looking where ever possible..want to know if his photo is in the book. I’d love for him to be able to review book before his eyesight gives out. Online, WorldCat shows 3 copies available. I live in San Jose, CA, too far from any 3 places that have copies to make copies. With elder care and F/T work, I don’t have much time. Can you help? Thanks, Yvonne L. Quevedo

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